The Energy Miser is an affordable boiler controller that is designed to reduce the cost of running a domestic or small commercial central heating system.

Manufactured in the UK the unit functions as a load compensator. Electronic temperature sensors fitted to the flow and return pipes on the boiler are able to determine the demand placed on the heating system. The Energy Miser will automatically and continuously adjust the boiler cycling rate, reducing the amount of time the boiler needs to fire during lower demand periods. This can result in a 15% reduction of annual heating costs and CO₂ emissions.

The unit is simple to install and can be fitted to natural gas, oil or LPG boilers. The Energy Miser carries a 3 year warranty and can be installed by a suitably qualified electrician / heating engineer. No gas work is involved.

Benefits include an increase in central heating system efficiency, reduced heating fuel consumption, reduced CO₂ emissions and reduced heating fuel expenditure.

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Mains Supply


Switching Mode

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Boiler Suitability

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Indicator Type

Physical Size

240V AC 50Hz 1Ph


Volt Free

3 Amp

Single small domestic boiler

Main Controller, Flow Sensor, Return Sensor, Mains Harness

Active/Bypass Switch

Current Mode


80mm W x 140mm H x 45mm D

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