The TEC VTR is an intelligent central heating load compensating controller designed to reduce the boiler firing cycle during low load conditions without compromising the maximum flow temperature.  It is compatible with most makes and types of boilers fired by natural gas, oil or LPG.

In common with all TEC intelligent controls, the TEC VTR uses the principle of Variable Thermal Response (VTR) to achieve it’s energy savings. It has two electronic sensors which are fitted to the FLOW and RETURN pipes of the boiler. The control is particularly suited to boiler plant managed by a BMS, avoiding unnecessary replication of various features such as optimum on/off and weather compensation already provided by the existing control system.

The self learning function of the TEC VTR software reduces unnecessary boiler firing during low demand periods, reduces fuel wastage caused through temperature overshoot, heat saturation of the heat exchanger and flue losses, whilst maintaining internal comfort levels and reducing CO₂ emissions.

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Mains Supply


Switching Mode

Switching Current

Boiler Suitability

Number of Channels

Standard Equipment

User Adjustments

Viewing Indications  

Indicator Type

Physical Size

240V AC 50Hz 1Ph


Volt Free

5 Amp

Up to 2 boilers

2 (compatible with hi/lo boilers or two boilers on a common header)

Main Controller, Flow Sensor, Return Sensor

Extensive Programming Menu, Active/Bypass Switch

Current Mode, Date, Time, Systems Temperatures

LCD Display

180mm W x 180mm H x 63mm D

Product Leaflet

Product Manual